Our affordable and recognized program will provide your with skills and strategies to become an industry expert and establish a valuable recurring client base.

  • Plush Perfections Nano Brow Training Vancouver Permanent Makeup Powder Brow Microblading Course

Nano Brow and Powder Ombré Brow Training in Vancouver

Nano Combo Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Training in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Whistler

Our comprehensive private training program offers aspiring permanent makeup artists the knowledge, skills, and confidence required for success in the Nano Brow and Powder Brow technique.

Specifically designed for beginners, our course provides and opportunity to learn the latest trends and techniques in a private one-on-one training experience with master artist, Tia.

The Program

  • Online

    Our Online Permanent Makeup Programs provide students with an online platform to acquire theoretical knowledge before engaging in the in-person phase. Students will gain insights into skin anatomy, brow mapping, pigments, sanitation practices, application techniques, capturing high-quality photos and videos, editing, branding, content creation, and effective marketing strategies.
  • In-person

    Guided by master artist, Tia, the in-person training provides students with the practical experience they need to succeed. This specialized program covers everything from procedure application to body positioning, along with live model practice under supervision. Students will acquire valuable skills to market themselves and manage their beauty business or brand through creating savvy social media content.
  • Certification

    After successfully completing our permanent makeup certification program, students will be well prepared to deliver exceptional services to clients and build a recurring clientelle. Our graduates receive industry-recognized certification and will be ready to showcase their expertise to offer a variety of looks for clients to maintain and enhance their natural beautiful eyebrows.

The Curriculum

At Plush Perfections Academy, our aim is to help you become a skilled and confident permanent makeup artist by our expert master artist, Tia.

Our program offers comprehensive online training with detailed curriculum and videos, as well as a hands-on workshop.

Unlike other lengthy and expensive programs, ours is designed to be easy to follow, understand and affordable for aspiring beauty professionals.

The Styles You'll Learn

1:1 Training

Reputable personalized approach allows students to receive individualized attention and guidance.

Live Model

Have the opportunity to work with live models under the expert guidance of master artist, Tia.

Lifetime Coaching

We offer unlimited coaching! This includes calls, texts and video chats, to provide comprehensive support to our students.

Nano Brow and Powder Brow Training

Description: Explore the latest techniques in eyebrow permanent makeup, nano brow and powder brow. These techniques utilize advanced machine technology and provide a wide range of versatile looks. Students will have the opportunity to apply their skills on two live models.

Professional Kit: Brow mapping supplies (thread, wax pencils, razors, ruler, concealer, correcting sticks), Permablend pigments, numbing agent, disposable microblades, premium device, universal cartridges, disposable items (applicators, ring cups, coverings, grip tape), squeeze bottle, practice skins, and mannequin head.

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Meet Your Specialist

Hello! I'm Tia, your instructor for the Plush Perfections PMU program.

From a young age, I've always had a strong passion for beauty – whether it be nails, hair, or fashion. In 2015, I decided to pursue my love for permanent makeup artistry, and boy, was it an amazing journey.

Having had the privilege of enhancing the brows of countless individuals and establishing my own studio and academy, I now have the opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise with people like you.
My goal is to teach you the techniques and business strategies that have been instrumental in building my business and clientele. Through my program, I coach you in becoming a confident and skilled permanent makeup artist, providing exceptional sets of brows while achieving financial independence.

There's nothing more fulfilling than witnessing the joy on your clients' faces when they see their transformed brows. Send me an email today. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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