Nano Combo Brow Training in Vancouver

Nano Combo Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Training in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford and Whistler

Plush Perfection's comprehensive private training program offers aspiring permanent makeup artists the knowledge, skills, and confidence required for success in the Nano Combo Brow technique.

Our training provides students with a foundation and understanding of brow mapping strategies, colour theory, skin anatomy, colour corrections and the principles to craft customized looks that will truly enhance each individual’s features - all while adhering to safe protocols set by professional standards.

With us, you can begin your journey into mastering beautiful Nano Combo Brow artistry.

What You'll Learn

  • Nano Combo Brow Technique

    Nano Combo Brows offer a unique approach to permanent makeup, blending machine hairstrokes with powder shading together. This long-lasting technique is customizable and suitable for all skin types, including oily complexions.

How It Works

Our program is a combination of Online self-paced training and In-Person guided learning.

With the Online workshop, you'll gain an in depth knowledge base on all aspects to becoming a permanent makeup artist. From understanding different techniques and skin anatomy, to mastering brow shaping, colour theory, corrections, sanitization and more.

In our In-Person class, you will brow map with precision, craft technique, capture quality photos and videos, be guided through hand and body positioning while applying this to 1 live model.


Online Workshop

Day 1 - Online

Complete Bloodborne Pathogen Online Certification

Module 1: What is Permanent Makeup?

  • Intro to Permanent Makeup
  • Nano Combo Brows

Module 2: Workplace Safety

  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Protective Supplies
  • Procedure Equipment
  • Quiz

Module 3: Skin Anatomy

  • Precautions
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Topical Numbing Agents
  • Healing Process
  • Aftercare
  • The Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Skin Types and Conditions
  • Quiz

Module 4: Colour Theory and Pigmentology

  • Colour Theory
  • Pigmentology
  • Undertones
  • Quiz

Day 2 - Online

Module 5:

  • Facial Morphology
  • Mapping Foundations
  • Practicing Drawing Tail Ends
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Brow Mapping Tips
  • Brow Mapping Step-by-Step
  • Print PDF Brow Model for Practice
  • Quiz

Day 3 - Online

Module 6: The Art of Digital Permanent Makeup

  • Fundamentals of Machine PMU
  • Nano Combo Brow Rules
  • Machine Motion Mastery
  • Outlining and Blending
  • Learning the Pattern
  • Practice the Steps
  • Quiz

Module 7: Colour Corrections

  • What is a Colour Correction
  • Colour Correction Process

Day 4 - Online

Module 7: Preparation

  • How to Conduct a Consultation
  • Day of Procedure
  • Consent Form
  • Station Preparation Checklist
  • Quiz

Module 8: Photography & Videography

  • How to Capture Appealing Photos and Videos
  • Editing Apps
  • How to Edit Photos
  • How to Edit and Combination Video Clips
  • How to Transition Clips

Module 9: Branding & Marketing

  • How to Brand Your Business
  • Marketing and Ad Campaigns
  • Creating Instagram Ads


In-Person Class

Day 5 - Live

  • Live Brow Mapping
  • Hands-on Practice on Latex Skin and Mannequin Head

Day 6 - Live

  • Procedure Station Preparation
  • How to Capture Photos and Videos
  • Live Nano Combo Model No. 1
  • Post-Procedure Cleanup
  • How to Edit Photos & Videos
  • Enrolment in Our Lifetime Individual Coaching Program
  • Certification

Professional Kit and Premium Device Included

Our high quality and performance student kit is worth $800 and provides you with the essential supplies to begin your career after graduation.

Plush Perfections Nano Brow Training Vancouver Permanent Makeup Powder Brow Microblading Course

Earn a Nano Combo Brow PMU Certificate

Tuition $2,900 (reg. $3,200)

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $300 off on May-June Training Dates

How to Register

  • Registration + Deposit

    Send an email to request training dates and secure seat with a $500 deposit payment.

  • Online Training Begins

    Start the 4-day online portion one week prior to prepare for the live training.

  • Final Payment + In-Person Training

    Complete 2-days of hands on supervised training and live model practice.

Become a Certified PMU Artist

Start your journey today! Send us an inquiry and unlock your possibilities.

Potential Earnings as a Permanent Makeup Artist

With an average cost of between $350-$500 per new client, it can open the door to significant financial growth.

Plush Perfections Nano Brow Training Vancouver Permanent Makeup Powder Brow Microblading Course
Plush Perfections Nano Brow Training Vancouver Permanent Makeup Powder Brow Microblading Course

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Interested in Financing?

Financing options are available through Medicard. 

Class Includes: 4-day Online Training, Manual for Nano Combo Brow course, professional kit, device & certification).
Parking is located in parkade below the studio at The Neelu Bachra Centre - 550 West Broadway, Unit 734. We recommend you pay for parking from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm for all 4 days of in-person training. We ask that you please pack a lunch for each day.
A $500 Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable Deposit is required to reserve your spot in the class. The remainder of the balance is to be settled in cash or e-transfer on the 1st day of class.