Lip Blush Post-care

Avoid as best as you can getting the area wet for more than 1 minute, if the area does get wet pat it dry immediately. You can cleanse the treatment area two or three times a day if needed, using warm water and clean lint free wipe.

Apply AQUAPHOR ointment (purchased from your local drug mart Superstore, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart etc.) with a clean cotton swab ONLY (no fingers) for the first 3 days. Afterwards, keep moist at all times with either Aquaphor or organic lip balm for 2 weeks after. 

Healing will take up to 4 weeks and it's perfectly normal for the treated area to scab. These scabs will fall off within a few day. It's normal for the colour to fade during the two weeks following the treatment .

During the post-care period, please avoid the following:

Spicy and salty foods, kissing, using soaps, cleansers, creams or make up on the treated area, facial treatments, waxing, and using any form or lightening creams. Any abrasive products rough towels etc. 

DO NOT TOUCH or PICK the small scabs that may appear after the treatment. Let them fall off naturally, otherwise you may disrupt the pigment retention.